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@Babson’s innovative marketing ad feat. @babsonalumni @Ruthie_Davis on @peoplemag! #FashionForward Every entrepreneur needs a good pair of shoes!

"RUTHIE DAVIS, Babson College MBA, has made a name for herself by creating some of the most fashionable shoes to walk the world. And she is just one of many Babson graduates – in businesses of all types and sizes – redefining entrepreneurship. Babson has been ranked #1 for entrepreneurship by U.S. News & World Report for 18 years. And we are just getting started. The world needs a new definition of entrepreneurship. It’s being shared at DEFINE.BABSON.EDU.”

Check out Ruthie Davis’ line at http://www.ruthiedavis.com/

BABSON’S GOT SWAG! An incredibly proud Alumni moment. The bar has definitely been set, and I’m completely inspired! Girls surely CAN be anything they want to be! 

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    My Alma Mater, Babson College’s MBA ad in People Magazine, featuring my shoes… A very, very proud moment. Thank you for...
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